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Myojo 2011.04 - Kanjani8

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2011.04 Myojo

Q. Tell us your time schedule for one day

Yokoyama Yuu’s Game Day

13:00 Get up
Take my time to eat at home
15:00 Go shopping
21:00 Meet with my game buddies at a family restaurant!
Go on gaming and gaming
03:00 Gaming finished
03:10 Arrive home
03:30 Game for about an hour while in the bath
05:00 Go to bed

Maruyama Ryuhei’s Precious Day

Get up
Laze around watching the news on TV, after I brush my teeth
12:00 Eat lunch at a restaurant that serves set meals or a soba restaurant in the neighborhood (like a mackerel set)
13:00 Fully relax at a massage parlor for two hours
15:00 On my way to do some shopping, I call to make a reservation for dinner
19:00 Dinner (yakiniku)
21:00 After I get home, I finish some housework
22:00 Take a bath
23:00 Go to bed (when I have work the next morning)

Ohkura Tadayoshi’s Calm Day

Get up
Buy the newspaper and breakfast (bread, juice and yoghurt) at the conbini
10:00 Read
12:00 Go to the hairdresser’s
15:00 Eat lunch at a stand-up soba stall
19:00 Go out to eat with friends
02:00 The time when I’m in the highest spirits
03:00 Fall asleep drunk
05:00 Come home

Murakami Shingo’s Day Full of Futsal and TV

Get up
Because I’ll be exercising later, I have a jelly drink for breakfast (If not, I eat rice, fish, miso soup, eggs etc.)
10:00 Play futsal with friends
12:00 Lunch
Eat a lunch plate and chat with friends at a somewhat stylish café
15:00 Come home
Take a shower and change clothes
Watch some recorded TV programs (programs I appeared in, soccer matches etc.) and DVDs (movies etc.)
22:00 Eat yakiniku with friends
24:00 Come home
Change clothes and go to sleep (I sleep tightly. If I can sleep for about 8 hours, I’m happy.)

Subaru Shibutani’s Laid Back Day

Get up
11:10 Eat breakfast at my regular café (omuraisu or the day special)
11:50 Take a shower when I get home
12:50 Go out
13:00 Meet friends to go shopping
18:00 Get a massage
20:00 Go out for dinner with friends
22:30 After I get home, I enjoy some TV while heating the bad
23:00 Take a bath
23:30 Time to relax
02:00 Go to bed (depending on the day, there are also times when I game until morning)

Nishikido Ryo’s Magazine Interview Day

Get up
Go to the studio with my manager
15:00 Magazine interview
(eat fried rice)
17:00 Magazine interview
18:30 Magazine interview
20:30 Magazine interview
(We finish earlier than planned)
22:00 Come home
Take a shower and then go out
23:00 Latish dinner (curry)
After that, I meet with friends
03:00 Go to bed

Yasuda Shota’s Diving Day

Get up
The chef of the hotel on the island made us breakfast (rice, miso soup and egg dishes like omelets)
11:00 Diving
14:00 Lunch (tempura soba)
15:00 Diving
17:00 Take a break
I listen to the sound of the waves and relax,
I drop by the town,
I play guitar, etc.
I move as the urge takes me
19:00 Diving
21:00 Dinner while chatting with friends (sashimi, crayfish, pizza etc. Italian with mainly seafood)
The night continued while the dinner continued.

If anyone has any EDITS, do share.

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